Have you heard about annual home electrical inspection? If you haven’t heard it yet, in this article, you’ll know the necessary information about it and its importance.

What is an annual home electrical inspection?

It’s a periodic inspection conducted by a certified electrician. It helps to reveal electrical problems needed to be fixed or replaced. The frequency of the checkup depends on the condition of the property and the type of appliance.

Why is it important?

Annual electrical checkup has several benefits, which are listed below:

Fire safety – The source of fire sometimes comes from old wirings. Without inspection, you’ll never know the condition of the wirings. On the other hand, if you have a regular inspection, you can ensure that the wirings are up-to-date.

Occupant’s safety – If there’s one reason to have an electrical checkup, it’s the safety of the occupants. You may have a large number of occupants who are heavy users of electricity. You may find their gadgets on extension cords that can lead to overloading. It’s a risky situation that you don’t want to happen.

Up-to-date government standards – Adherence to local government’s standard is important whether you have a new home or you own an old one. The government standard helps you to upkeep with the latest trend and changes when it comes to electrical concerns.

You can hear about electrical codes from an electrician who requires you to comply with it. These are important codes you must comply even you need to spend a small amount just to maintain a safe property.

Avoid appliance damage – Faulty wirings can damage your appliances. To avoid it, a maintenance checkup is necessary. A professional electrician can help you identify the problem and help you resolve it.

What are the usual fixtures inspected during annual inspection?

Most common fixtures that require annual inspection includes electrical outlets, circuit breaker or panel, and possible overloading.

Electrical outlets – An electrician uses a tester to check the electrical outlets if they are still functional. The electrician noted the damages such caused by water or due to heat. Loose cover discoloration is also checked because it is a sign that the outlet is affected by heat.
Circuit breaker or panel – You may not notice your circuit breaker or panel because it’s usually an enclosed material. However, through checkup, the electrician locates the presence of burnt marks and scorch marks. These markings indicate that there are loose or sparking wires.
Overloading – If you own a commercial space, overloading can be a big problem because many people use electricity. Possible overloading may happen, and an annual checkup can prevent it.

What are the qualities of electrician should you hire?

Now you know the importance of maintaining the electrical wirings in a residential and commercial space, you may be asking about the electrician you must hire. The electrician must be licensed and certified to ensure that you hire a trained person. The license is a proof that you’re hiring the right person for the job.

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