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Service Australia Electrical delivers safe and reliable electrician services with a licensed and insured electrician in Perth. No job is too small or large! Lifetime guarantee on all work.

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Reliable 24 hour Perth Electricians

At Service Australia Electrical, we believe in the importance of honesty at work. It helps us start the day with our head up high – proud of delivering fair services to our clients. We ensure to keep our promises because we hate disappointments as much as you do. So, we maintain our moral values intact, which help us fulfil our goal of honest work.

But we don’t say it; we do it. In fact, every member of our team is licensed and insured. We send you our 24/7 electricians who know the technical things about electrical-related problems. They completed important and up-to-date training to maintain a high-quality standard.


Perth’s most reliable electricians

We set our prices based on the estimate we conduct. So, we bill you according to the result of our estimate. We’re able to achieve it through accurate inspection. We thoroughly check the problem areas and check possible failures so that we can prepare our tools for the job. Our goal is to provide an accurate estimate so you can see the real problem you may not know exists.

About a reasonable estimate, we provide an affordable service without compromising the quality of our work. We ensure to provide cost-effective solutions, so you don’t spend more than your budget.

Our Commitment

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We work fast. It’s our goal to finish the job at a fast pace, so you’re home becomes fully functional in no time! We observe a standard process that helps us complete our tasks on time. Even though we work fast, we meet high-quality work to ensure your family’s safety. When our job’s done, we ensure to clean your place before we leave.

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we arrive on time

We arrive earlier than our appointment schedule because we believe that if we come on time, we’re late. We value punctuality, and it’s our way to show you how we respect your time. You hire us for your convenience, and we give it to you. We ensure that each time we meet, we go directly to the point – no wasting of time. We don’t miss our appointment too.

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Consistent Quality

For several years of providing services to our community, we maintain a consistent quality of work. We ensure that we meet the standards and we keep it true, so even our team expands. We don’t put our work in uncertainty because it means danger on your end.

Practical Solutions

Our efforts do not end by providing you an efficient and consistent quality service. We teach you practical solutions so you’ll avoid major repair in the future. We also teach you how to save energy by choosing the right material for your property. We install different lighting fixtures that help in saving energy.

If you need our help for electrical services or domestic wiring upgrades, let us know. We provide practical alternatives so you can cut your expenses. You don’t need to spend expensive items and units if there are affordable options.

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Send us your questions today. We’ll talk to you as soon as we read your message. We treat your problem as an urgent concern; we won’t keep you waiting. Let us know your thoughts. Talk to you soon.


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